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Vulcan 900 Custom

Sometimes, you can not help but smile. Vulcan 900 Custom is an easy motorcycle to like. First, the bike’s custom styling oozes attitude from it’s big front tyre to the blacked out mufflers and other parts that typically wear a chrome coating. The drag-style handlebar and the low-slung seat put the rider in the perfect position to get the most out of this easy to ride yet powerful cruiser.

Vulcan 900 Custom is a factory built custom bike that really stands out from the crowd – it is the result of Kawasaki’s pursuit of the essence of a true custom motorcycle. A study in contrasts, its low-set rear, massive rear tyre and solid disc wheel are juxtaposed against a clean and lightweight front end.

Crisp, clean lines by design

Designed with custom styled looks in mind, the one piece ‘gunfighter’ seat comfortably accommodates rider and passenger. The tank mounted instrument console featuring a large face speedometer and fuel gauge is slim and lightweight, contributing to the bikes elegant lines. Sleek bodywork and engine covers were designed by hand, resulting in shapes pleasing to both the eye and touch.

Aggressive black finish

180 mm rear tyre provides added traction while projecting a powerful image and providing strong performance.

Custom cast 15-inch rear wheel contrasts the “light,” tall front wheel. A massive 180 mm rear tyre gives the Custom’s rear section a solid, planted look. The 15” rear cast wheel contrasts the light, tall front wheel, contributing to the Custom’s dynamic design.

Aggressive black finish with a wider tyre than that found on most large-displacement cruisers

Uncomplicated lines

The uncomplicated lines from the front forks, handelbar and head light are designed to reflect the Vulcan 900 Custom’s cool and capable clean lines. Sporty, straight pull back style handlebars add to the custom styling. The paint and details on the 2016 Vulcan 900 Custom add another level of cool; red pin stripes on the wheels, shining Pearl Crystal White and Metallic Carbon Gray paint with with red pin striping, blacked out engine with polished “fins” all finished off with satin black slash cut pipes.

V-Twin fuel injected engine

The Vulcan 900 Custom’s 903 cm³, liquid cooled, 4 stroke, V-Twin fuel injected engine with fine atomizing injectors offer great, big bike style. The finely tuned engine supports the low and mid range, making it easy to get rolling from stop and allowing the rider to short shift ‘big bike’ style.

Ample torque gives the Vulcan 900 Custom superior acceleration in the mid speed range and the smooth, efficient belt drive is low maintenance.

Smooth and reliable engine tuned to deliver a healthy dose of torque at low rpm. Gear-driven balancer allows the use of a single-pin crankshaft without excessive vibration. Rubber mounted to reduce engine vibration at all speeds

Handcrafted spoke style wheels

The Vulcan 900 Custom has handcrafted spoke style cast wheels shaped to form an elegant 3D double flanged design, appointing the Vulcan 900 Custom as a true custom machine. The wheel’s 18 “spokes” are arranged in pairs.

Tapered and flanged in two directions, every line and surface of each 3D spoke is exquisitely curved with and aggressive black finish.

The Vulcan 900 Custom is equipped with front and rear disc brakes. The front and 270 mm rear brake rotors are gripped by twin-piston calipers for some of the best stopping power in the class.

Slash-cut mufflers

Big slash-cut mufflers look great and contain emission reducing honeycomb catalyzers. Satin black finish for extra attitude.

Dual pipes that have a low-slung, dark attitude. The satin black finish and the slach cut style all a part of the details that contibute to the drool worth Vulcan 900 Custom.

Rider Ergonomics

Chassis geometry was designed to offer riders a combination of stability and undemanding control at low speeds. The comfortable low seat, combined with a slim frame and a fuel tank that tapers at the rear, makes it easy to reach the ground with both feet and facilitates easier manoeuvring around parking lots.

Performance and rideability

The Vulcan 900 Custom has electronic fuel injection. Superb performance and rideability thanks to dual throttle bodies with sub-throttles. The ECU-controlled sub-throttles are located behind the main throttle valve, allowing the DFI system to provide more precise throttle response, similar to a constant velocity carburetor.

Fine-atomizing fuel injectors produce a fine fuel mist for optimal acceleration, combustion and fuel consumption. All working towards the perfect, smooth power delivery.

Belt drive

The Vulcan 900 Custom runs a belt drive. This provides lower unsprung weight than shaft drive to improve ride quality and suspension action. The Kawasaki belt drive system is low maintenance and low noise.

Sustained power

Finned cylinders and heads combine with liquid cooling for exceptional thermal control. This assists in maintainin a consistent engine temperatures for long engine life and sustained power. Extra engine cooling come from the automatic fan.

Positive neutral finder

Kawasaki like to keep thing easy on the Vulcan cruisers, so just lift the shift pedal from first gear at a stop to easily find neutral, every time. No more fumbling around to find neutral. Positive and easy.

Double cradle frame

Very rigid, large-diameter box section backbone allows space for a larger fuel tank, and lightweight handling at low speeds. The fork offset and frame geometry combine for light, low-effort handling at ultra-low speeds. The Vulcan’s long wheelbase provides a stable, comfortable open road riding experience.

A feature of the Vulcan 900 Custom in the triangular swingarm. This swingarm give a hardtail appearance, but utilizes a single shock hidden beneath the seat. Slick and comfortable. The long and low chassis creates a seat you sit right down into with a low rider seat height.