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Vulcan 900 Classic

The name may be Vulcan 900 Classic, but you should hear “definitive.” This midsized cruiser has the timeless goods wrapped in a long, low package with a presence that’s larger than its name. From stylish paint scheme to its spoked wheels, this Vulcan garners attention wherever it goes. Details, like rider floorboards and tank-mounted instrumentation that includes a handy fuel gauge and an easy-to-read analog speedometer, only strengthen the bike’s ties with tradition.

903cm³ V-Twin engine

Designed to offer superior acceleration in the mid speed range (where most riding is actually done),
the powerful, liquid-cooled V-twin engine has the torque to out accelerate smaller displacement bikes yet with a single downshift can keep up with bikes one displacement class larger.

4 Valve Cylinder Head

Provides maximum valve area for optimum flow, resulting in more power and more low-end torque. Single overhead cam design is simple, lightweight and practical.

Extremely efficient intake tracts feature ports that narrow near the combustion chamber to increase intake flow speed for more efficient filling and increased torque.

Exceptional cooling

Exceptional thermal control with finned cylinders and cylinder head, combined with liquid cooling. Maintains consistent engine temperatures for long engine life and sustained power. Automatic fan keeps things cool even in traffic.


The Vulcan 900 Classic shares many of the long-and-low styling cues from the stunning VN2000. Easy to ride and very rider-friendly, the VN900 offers the look, feel and craftsmanship found in bigger cruisers. Whether rolling down the street or parked in front of a café, this is one sharp-looking machine.

Belt drive

Lower unsprung weight than shaft drive to improve ride quality and suspension action. More efficient so more power reaches the rear wheel compared to shaft drive. Cleaner and lower maintenance than chain drive.

Comfort and Convenience

Kawasaki’s exclusive Positive Neutral Finder allows the rider to lift the pedal from first at a stop to find neutral easily, every time. Large-capacity 18 litre fuel tank ensures an ample cruising range.

Rider Ergonomics

Chassis geometry was designed to offer riders a combination of stability and undemanding control at low speeds. The comfortable low seat, combined with a slim frame and a fuel tank that tapers at the rear, makes it easy to reach the ground with both feet and facilitates easier manoeuvring around parking lots.

Performance and rideability

The Vulcan 900 Classic has electronic fuel injection. Superb performance and rideability thanks to dual throttle bodies with sub-throttles. The ECU-controlled sub-throttles are located behind the main throttle valve, allowing the DFI system to provide more precise throttle response, similar to a constant velocity carburetor.

Fine-atomizing fuel injectors produce a fine fuel mist for optimal acceleration, combustion and fuel consumption. All working towards the perfect, smooth power delivery.