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2016 KLX140L

Based on the KLX140, but with larger (19″ Front and 16″Rear) wheels and more ground clearance, the 2016 KLX140L is the perfect bike for older kids and young adults, with just the right level of power, handling and attitude to raise the fun factor to MAXIMUM.

Its smooth, easy to use power makes it a breeze for riders of all skill levels while plush, long travel suspension soaks up the bumps when the going gets rough. Powerful disc brakes pull the KLX140L up in a big hurry and KX inspired styling gives you a hint of the attitude that lies within.

Whether you’re new to riding or after a capable, compact machine that gets the job done with a minimum of fuss … the KLX140L is the perfect choice.

Front disc brakes

While most “playbikes” feature a disc/drum combination, the KLX140L has disc brakes front and rear for a high level of braking performance.


33 mm telescopic front forks are matched to a 5-way preload adjustable rear shock absorber with remote reservoir for superb handling and off-road capability.

144 cm3 Engine

The air-cooled single-cylinder engine offers a lightweight power plant that is both simple (to operate and to maintain) and reliable.

Progressive Clutch

The manual clutch offers young riders the chance to master full control of gear shifting. The clutch features a spring damper that facilitates half-clutch use when riding at low rpm or idling speeds.

KX Styling

Two-piece shrouds with ventilation holes were inspired by our top-of-the-line KX race machines and deliver an eye-catching and aggressive stance.

Electric Start

Keyless ignition care of an ON/OFF button just in front of the upper triple clamp means easy-access fun.